30k People to go unemployed due to clampdown on taxi-hailing companies in Lagos

Uber and Bolt taxi companies are facing bad times in Lagos Nigeria due to state government. Nigerians criticizing the government and calling for a protest.

following the protest taxi drivers from uber , bolt and ocar gathered around Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Services (VIS) and the protest is going huge . Few weeks before Lagos State Government banded commercial motorcycles and tricycles from plying six local government areas and nine local council development areas

why the government camp down their permit?

government is saying they failed to show car permits which will turn their vehicle from private to commercial use. the permit is called Hackney permits.car-sharing platforms are expected to be certified by the Lagos Drivers’ Institute before operation commences in the State.

Due to this, as many as 30k thousand people will be affected and their families

video of Lagos VIO creating chaos as directed by the Lagos state government is being circulated. people are demanding Uber to look into the matter and solve their problems as they are the employ of uber

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