Amazon Last-Mile Revolution Failed Due To Its Logistic Arbitrary? Helpless Customer story

If you ever think amazon does home delivery as they mention on their website/application, you can be wrong. Here is my Amazon shopping story and how it made me helpless without any solution.

It all started during the coronavirus pandemic I came to stay with my family in Madhya Pradesh, Chhindwara district, Parasia Pincode 480441. I ordered few products from amazon and I was asked to pick up my order 8km far which was eligible for free home delivery.

I went and picked up 2 orders thinking there must be some problem with delivery at that time, but after few days when I ordered few more products, I was asked to come and pick up the ordered when I refused and asked the delivery agent to deliver my products at home I denied and canceled my order.

I lodged a complaint with amazon customer service they apologized and said it will not happen in the future. Again I ordered a few more products and events those orders were canceled by the delivery agent and he said their logistics company doesn't deliver to my area which was wrong.

I raised my complaint in twitter Tagging all their twitter handle but they were helpless too. just they apologized and said it will not happen with me in the future

so, as a consumer I am facing problem even 1 month has passed my more the 10 orders have been canceled my delivery agent and amazon still cannot help me out.

Now they have stopped replying over twitter too and no actuation has been taken against the logistics company. If Amazon cannot deliver products at home they should stop giving home delivery Advertisement.

If you have even faced the same issue you can reach me out at utkarsh.mehta21@gmail.com

let's have a collective voice against the problem we face.

I hope amazon being such a big e-commerce name will rectify their problem immediately, so their customers don't face the problems.

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