India with the Highest Number of Coronavirus Cases, why Indian Media is Silent?

With 90,000 + number of cases per day, India is now the highest number of coronavirus cases still Indian media is in silent mode.

Cases of coronavirus are rapidly increasing in India when the lockdown was implemented it was said the for greater causes it is needed for the movement ie, to curve down coronavirus cases which turn out to be false because now India stands in the most number of coronavirus cases per day.

If you consider the lockdown is other countries India's had the longest days of lockdown which even leads to the most number of unemployment and death due to lockdown, still to curve down the coronavirus graph it was unsuccessful.

when India had less the 500 number of coronavirus cases it when on lockdown, now with more the 90,000 cases everything is Running.

There was a time when Indian media was doing 24h coverage on coronavirus when there was less the 500 cases now with more the 90,000 cases daily coverage on corona on media channel has dropped, it's just like news in flash.

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