Love Island host Caroline flack commit suicide

Reality television host and star caroline flack died on Saturday in London.

caroline was the popular television host and celebrity who was loved by millions of her followers. The reason for the death is she committed suicide in her home .she was just 40 years. caroline used to host "love island '' it is a British dating reality show which is a popular show.

It is also said that she is the third person associated with #loveisland to die by suicide since the show inception

caroline flack wrote: I wanted to write something about mental Health Day last week but I was keen deep in work. and some days it's hard to write your feelings of your not in the right place. In the last few weeks, I have been a really weird place. i find it hard to talk about it. I guess its anxiety and pressure of life and when I actually reach out to someone they said I was draining. I feel like this is why some people keep their emotions with themself. I certainly hate talking about my feelings.

In an emotional Instagram post, Lewis Burton said: "My heart is broken"

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