MNREGA MAN! Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, Passes Away

Raghuvansh Prasad Singh Dies: Prime Minister Modi mourned the death of Raghubansh Prasad Singh and said that he had spent his entire life-fighting in Bihar.

Former Union Minister Raghubansh Prasad Singh's physical condition is deteriorating further. It was reported on Saturday that he had been given a ventilator. He was later admitted to AIIMS in Delhi due to some physical complications.

On the demise of MNREGA man Raghuvansh Prasad, PM Modi said - his mind was in the fight.

Raghuvansh announced his resignation in a handwritten letter on a white paper. In Bihar politics, the relationship between Lalu and Raghu is compared to the soul of Harihar Raghubansh Prasad Singh has been with Lalu since the formation of the Rashtriya Janata Dal in 1996 Lalu had been having an affair with such a friend for some time Since he went to jail in a corruption case, his younger son Tejaswi has been in charge of the party The Raghu dynasty was not getting along with Tejaswi.

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Raghuvansh Prasad Singh tested positive for COVID-19 in the Gregorian calendar month when that he was admitted to all or any Bharat Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Patna.

Veteran Bihar politician and former RJD leader Raghubansh Prasad Singh - UN agency submitted his resignation on Fri - died at the AIIMS in the urban center on Sunday morning. He was seventy-four years recent.

Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, a politician for nearly four decades, is widely regarded as an expert on rural and agricultural matters in the country and is credited with the concept.

Patna: President Ram Nath Kobind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have expressed grief over the death of former Union Minister Raghubang Prasad Singh. Prime Minister Modi recalled his meeting with Raghuvans Prasad during the inauguration of several projects in Bihar.

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The Prime Minister said that in the early days he had met Raghuvansh Prasad in several TV debate programs. At that time he used to talk to them about many things. He later became a Union Minister. As the Chief Minister of Gujarat, I was in regular touch with him for development work.

The departure of the Raghuvang Babu created a vacuum in Bihar and in the politics of the country. Prime Minister Modi said that Raghuvansh Prasad, a veteran leader of Bihar, is no longer with us. I bow to them. Raghavan Babu's demise has created a vacuum in Bihar and the politics of the country.

A man attached to the land, a man who understands poverty, has spent his entire life in the struggle of Bihar. The ideal he grew up with, he tried to live it all his life. I had a close acquaintance with him when I was working as a BJP organization worker.

This is how Prime Minister Modi recalled Raghuvansh Prasad Singh. Prime Minister Modi said that he had the opportunity to debate many times in many TV debates. He later became a Union Minister. I also kept in touch with him as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for development work. They were also in talks for the last three or four days. I myself was worried about his health benefits, taking regular information.

I thought he would recover soon and return to Bihar. But there was also a churning going on inside them. It was no longer possible for him to follow the ideals he had set for himself. And the mind was completely excited.

Referring to Raghuvansh Prasad's letter to Prime Minister CM Nitish, Prime Minister Modi said that he had written a letter three or four days ago expressing his feelings. But at the same time, he was concerned about the development of his region. So he also sent a list of development works to the Chief Minister.

The letter reflected the concerns of the people of Bihar. I must urge Nitish Kumar that you and I should do our best to fulfill the sentiments expressed by Raghuvansh Babu in his last letter. Because he spoke of full development, of course, it should be done. Prime Minister Modi said that I respect Raghuvansh Prasad.

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