Top Twitter Cryptocurrency Account hacked

Crypto scams over twitter have been going on for a while but today major crypto trading platforms and its owner's twitter account got hacked.

starting with top crypto trading platform Binance account got hacked where scammer tweeted a link for a website and asking people to send bitcoin.

scamming people over social media platform has been going on from while from twitter to youtube where scammers try to dupe new people asking them to send bitcoin and in return, they will get more bitcoin in name of giveaways.

so it is just to inform you people do not get into the trap and keep your crypto safe. Here is the list of people who's twitter account got hacked. The reason for hacking is still unknown.

Seems like twitter got compromised . its not a 3rd party issue.

  1. Cz's account got hacked.

  2. binance official account got hacked.

  3. Gemini's account got hacked.

  4. Coinbase's account got hacked.

  5. Kucoin twitter account got hacked.

  6. Elon musk account got hacked.

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