Watch Roadies revolution episode 1: written updates

#roadies revolution all written updates and links to watch roadies revolution online.

Roadies revolution first episode started with Delhi audition .with massive crowd chanting roadies, roadies and with their mobile flashlights on. raftar ,Neha duphia, prince Narula and Nikhil chinnapa entering and at the last king of roadie rannvijay . they talk about society and problems society facing in current days and how to bring revolution.

All the 5 judges enter the stage and the crowd goes crazy. rannvijay tells the crowd to be the part of the change and make revolution while the prince tells the crowd we have played much time for the win but this time we will play for the change . gorgeous Neha asked the crowd to do girls feel safe as much boys feel safe here?

Nikhil tell the crowd this time just by shouting things won't work out. this time we have to use our brain and heart to support a cause.

This time they have changed the PI room setup and made it more difficult and appealing And gang leaders and not just a gang leaders they are leaders for the revolution

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